UChicago's Investment Banking-Dedicated RSO

  • About UIBG

    UChicago students turn to us for learning, advice, and insights.

    Who We Are

    The Undergraduate Investment Banking Group (UIBG) is a registered student organization (RSO) at the University of Chicago. The group dedicates itself to the promotion and education of its group members toward a career in investment banking and finance. Our main events include: weekly meetings and educational seminars where various investment banking topics are discussed, networking events where members have an opportunity to meet with investment bankers, and other opportunities for members to better understand the industry.


  • History

    UIBG was founded in 2012 with a singular purpose: to help students learn about investment banking.


    Investment banks have established connections with us


    Meetings and seminars organized


    Past members worldwide


    Students applied during our last application cycle

  • Mission Statement

    We are here to help you advance your career goals in finance and investment banking.

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    Finance Seminars

    Financial knowledge ready

    Do you know how to read financial statements? Do you know how to apply different valuation methodologies to value a company? Do you know how to decide if a company constitutes a good investment? In UIBG, we will show you how and help you understand the nuances of financial modeling.

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    Deal Simulation

    What would I do differently?

    Interested in a deal you recently read? Wondering how on earth could those pricey deals make sense? We run through a comprehensive review and modeling of one exciting deal on the street every quarter as a group, and we will guide you through constructing your own analysis.

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    Exclusive Info Sessions

    Best networking opportunities with the professionals

    We invite our past alumni who are professional investment bankers back to campus to chat with our current group members. These events ensure a relaxed and comfortable setting for you to network with professionals.

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    Site Visits

    A close-up shot of financial services

    Curious what's inside of those large office buildings? Our relationships with alumni and recruiters at various investment banks allow us to organize site visits to their offices, and provide our members with the best opportunity to understand a professional's day-to-day.

  • Our Team

    UIBG Executive Board 2023-2024

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    Arjun Asokumar


    AB, '24

    Morgan Stanley, NY

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    Brianna Liu


    AB, '24

    Qatalyst Partners, SF

    broken image

    Dennis Lu


    AB, '24

    JP Morgan, NY

    broken image

    Somil Agarwal


    AB, '24

    Allen & Company, NY

    broken image

    Sophia Wang


    AB, '24

    Morgan Stanley, SF

  • UIBG Junior Board 2023-2024 

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    Katherine Chen


    AB '25

    Evercore, NY

    broken image

    Ryan Glasser


    AB '25

    Morgan Stanley, NY

    broken image

    Madison Heller


    AB '25

    K1 Investment Management, LA

    broken image

    Billy Leung


    AB '25

    Tenor Capital, NY

    broken image

    Willem Vroom


    AB '25

    Qatalyst Partners, SF

  • UIBG Advisors, 2023-2024

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    Fernando Guerrero

    AB, '19

    Warburg Pincus, NY

    JP Morgan, NY


    broken image

    Anastasiya Pasheyeva

    AB, '19

    Thoma Bravo, Miami

    Credit Suisse, NY


    broken image

    Shreya Yepuri

    AB, '19

    International Finance Corp, DC

    JP Morgan, NY


    broken image

    Arvind Atmuri

    AB, '19

    TSG, NY

    Rothschild, NY 


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    AB '19

    General Atlantic, NY

    Lazard, SF


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    AB, '20

    Warburg Pincus, SF

    Qatalyst Partners, SF 


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    AB, '20

    TPG, SF

    Goldman Sachs, NY 


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    AB, '20

    IVP, SF

    Qatalyst Partners, SF 


    broken image

    Madeleine Herne

    AB, '20

    Owl Rock, NY

    Credit Suisse, NY


    broken image



    AB, '20

    GI Partners, SF

    Perella Weinberg Partners, SF


    broken image

    Alejandro Rodriguez

    AB '21

    Carlyle, NY

    BDT & Company, Chicago


    broken image



    AB '21

    Brookfield, NY

    Bank of America, NY


    broken image



    AB, '21

    Francisco Partners, SF

    Ardea Partners, NY


    broken image



    AB, '21

    Qatalyst Partners, SF

    Credit Suisse, NY


    broken image



    AB, '21

    SVB Securities, NY

    JP Morgan, Chicago 


    broken image

    Seemal Malpani

    AB '21

    JP Morgan, SF

    Lazard, SF



    broken image



    AB, '21

    Broadhaven, NY

    Ardea Partners, NY


    broken image



    AB, '21

    The Raine Group, NY 


    broken image



    AB '22

    JP Morgan, NY


    broken image

    Alexandra Zhang

    AB, '22

    Morgan Stanley, NY 


    broken image



    AB, '22

    Solomon Partners, SF 


    broken image



    AB '22

    Goldman Sachs, NY


    broken image



    AB, '22

    Dodge & Cox, SF 


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    AB, '23

    Evercore, NY


    broken image



    AB, '23

    Citi, NY


    broken image



    AB, '23

    M. Klein & Company, NY


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    AB, '23

    Bank of America, NY


  • Members


    Abhay Adury

    Alberto Chiapparoli

    Alessandro Furlong

    Amam Jain

    Andy Wang

    Artemis Xenopoulos

    Betty Zhang

    Charles GranjaCharlie White

    Charlotte LiuChristina Li

    Claire Zhang

    Daisy Chen

    Daniel Chen


    Dawid Sura

    Disha Mohta

    Emil Grantcharov

    Eyimofe Uwatse

    Gabriel Ng-Triquet

    Gabrielle Kiewe

    Isabella Trainor

    Ivy Chen

    Jack Crovitz

    Jackson Piotrowski

    Jane Chen

    Jason Li

    Jenny Yuening Li

    Jim Hou

    John Walentowicz

    Jonathan Tang

    Justin Gurvitch

    Katherine Chen

    Kevin Wang

    Kevin Yang

    Lamont Rhodes

    Lucy Ingold

    Luke Dougherty

    Madhav Menon

    Marcus Borden

    Megan Cui

    Mike Shepard

    Natalie Schildt

    Nitika Kurma

    Nolan Sun

    Olivia Baer

    Pacifique Bavugameshi

    Radha Gupta

    Rain Zhu

    Reece VanDeWeghe

    Ritvik Rai

    Roger Liu

    Rohan Dhingra

    Roshni Patel

    Ryan Glasser

    Sahana Mangipudi

    Seif Eldin Ayad

    Shayla Dumas

    Shulin Yan

    Sophia Cortellesi

    Spencer Neu

    Tim Zhang

    Tommaso Forni

    Vivian Li

    Wes Park

    Will Heflin

    Billy Leung



    Aarman Pannu

    Aaron Yang

    Alex Schuster

    Anay Mehta

    Andrei Leonov

    Andrew Sun

    Anthony Song

    Arjun Asokumar

    Arman Kumar

    Aryaj Kumar

    Avery Linder

    Ben Shpetner

    Binhong Xie

    Carolyn Meng

    Christian Bryan

    Cindy Zhang

    Curran Chopra

    David Zhang

    Dennis Lu

    Derek Hsieh

    Elina Ren

    Ellie Gross

    Eric Zhu

    Feihan Yan

    Gary Huang

    Gaurav Ajmera

    Gaurov Bansal

    Henry Sanderson

    Ian Henderson

    Isabella Chen

    Izzy Sethi

    Jacob Lowen

    Jaden Wu

    Jamie Justicz

    Jason Chen

    Jeffrey Cheng


    Joao Galafassi

    Jonathan Vasquez

    Joseph Massabni

    Joshua Seidner

    Kevin Chen

    Leon Wang

    Liam Pak

    Madison Heller

    Max de Saint-Exupery

    Nathan Russell

    Nicholas Adent

    Paolo Miller

    Regina Shen

    Samuel Hall

    Seth Cohen

    Shivam Gupta

    Simone Harradence

    Somil Agarwal

    Sophia Wang

    Warren Xu

    Wayne Jin Chan

    Willem Vroom

    Xander Tome



    Advay Mohindra

    Andreas Petrou-Zeniou

    Annie Liu

    Baron Cao

    Brianna Liu

    Claudia Ng

    Cody Tracey

    Eden Cui

    Edward Fitzpatrick

    Ethan Deng

    Fatou Ndoye

    Grace Zhou

    Harrison Orlando

    Jack Vasilopoulos

    JC Young

    JD Todd

    Jialin Yang


    John B Kennick

    Josef Sperber

    Joseph Daly

    Kriti Dugar

    Kuangfu Deng

    Li Lambert

    Louis Ypma

    Madison Huynh

    Martina Insulla

    Mary Ning

    Melanie Zhang

    Michael Weisberg

    Monica Shen

    Mortiz Reichert

    Nathan MacChesney

    Nicholas Pustilnik

    Ojas Parmar

    Reagen Powers

    Ripa Hakobyan

    Russell Struve

    Samuel Eckert

    Seung Joo Kim

    Sha Frasier

    Teddy Kwok

    Tyler Edwards

    Vignesh Maddi



    Ahmad Hasnat

    Alan Zhong

    Alexandra Zhang

    Amanda Sharng

    Andy Wang

    Anneke Pulkkinen

    Armand Dang

    Audryna Rhedintza

    Aurelius Zwick

    Bailey Forgus

    Blake Epstein

    Brianna Chou

    Bryant Jung

    Candice Wang

    Don Kasindi

    Emily Simon

    Esteban Silva

    Ethan King

    Georgios Tzortzis

    Grant Carstanjen

    Harish Vishnuraman

    Hunter Fossati

    Ibrahim Ahmed

    Jake Low

    Jeffrey Kao

    Jonathan Xu

    Junsung Kim

    Juvencio Maeztu

    Kai Mayahara

    Katherine Chacon

    Kimberly Stafford

    Laasya Poola

    Lance Johnson

    Laurinda Zhang

    Lianne Strother

    Lucas Perra

    Marcus Gerbich Pais

    Max Brandstetter

    Meghan Long

    Michael Kaydin

    Michael Luo

    Minghao Sun

    Nicholas Newton-Cheh

    Nina Myers

    Oceane Wang

    Oliver Morton

    Paulius Tolocka

    Rajiv Hejibu

    Rayan Ghandoue

    Roman Lewis

    Ryan Martin

    Sachin Das

    Sanzhar Khaidarov

    Saumya Jain

    Sophia Fischer

    Sophia He

    Tam Tran

    Tomas Gomez

    Victor Ooi

    Whan Lee

    Will Noddings

    Xinyu Liu

    Zhangyi Li

    Zoe Wasserman



    Shreyash Agarwal

    Dhruv Baid

    Harshit Bansal

    Tanner Bhonslay

    Shopnavo Biswas

    Will Britain

    Bruno Camargo

    James Cantor

    Joon Chae

    Hugo Chan

    David Chen

    Vicki Chen

    Alice Cheng

    James Chou

    Tanner Clark

    Malachi Coleman

    Brittany Cong

    Pradyumn Dayal

    Ricky Deng

    Shramay Dhawan

    Roderick Gao

    Alexander Guzhva

    Olivia Henderson

    Akshat Jain

    Shawn Jiang

    Arvind Kannappan

    Neha Kavi

    Davis Kim

    Mairead King

    Rohan Kochar

    Patrick Koopmans

    Daniel Kramer

    John Kunzo

    Yudong Liu

    Peter Liu

    Emily Mao

    Zachary Marciano

    Philippe Mendez

    Claudia Oei

    Matthew Oh

    Vincent Pan

    Parth Patel

    John Pittock

    Armando Pizano

    Wyatt Press

    Matt Presutti

    Alex Pu

    Dan Qi

    Weixun Ren

    Federico Rivero Solano

    Makai Robinson

    Alessandro Rubini

    Aaron Schur

    Esela Segbefia

    Michael Seidl

    Roger Shen

    Kyle Shishkin

    Abir Singh

    Vito Smolyak

    Maximillian Sugrue

    Saman Tabatabaee-Zavareh

    Aditya Tandon

    Eric Tangeman

    Aurore Tigerschiold

    Aadithya (Aadi) Vijay

    Samuel Voon

    Victoria Wahba

    Will Wang

    Kevin Wu

    Joshua Xu

    Zi Qi (Jack) Yang

    Joseph (Jay) Younger

    Raymond Zheng

    Michelle Zhou

    Runde Zhu

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